Andy Farrell Dinner Interview

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Andy Farrell Dinner Interview

The highlight of our Annual Dinner is the interviews with the riders. Here is what Lightweight winner, Andy Farrell had to say to Chris Kinley:

'It's magic. It's just great to be here. I've been coming to the Manx since 2009 and it was strange to be landing at Ronaldsway this time when usually I'm coming here to race. 'It has been such a massive part of my life for so long I kind of wish I had another year where I didn't actually win. It's been a dream.

It's been a fundamental part of my life and I think the post-race party is still going on,'

added the 42-year-old lorry driver, who comes from Skerries in Ireland. Describing his races, he said:

'Things just went my way. I had a good pit stop then it was head down and I was strong across the mountain. 'There's no feeling like it , coming down Glencrutchery Road then turning into that winners' enclosure.'

The event had not been stress-free, however:

'A few times I threw the rattle out of the pram, in fact, I think we ran out of rattles at one point. I knew James Chawke would be a close rival on the Patton, but hey presto and we were on the top step and to stand there and hear your country's national anthem playing is just amazing.'

In the first of his two races, run over a reduced distance of three laps, he was helped by a fast pit stop.

'It was just a case of keeping my head down on that last lap.'

However the second race win was more difficult.

Firstly he was delayed behind another rider who had bike problems, then to compound matters he went into pit lane to refuel and overshot his pit.

'In the second half, Chawkie was leading but then he broke down. I couldn't believe it. To win one was a dream come true, but two was fantastic. Things seem to come in twos for me. On the positive side, I've had two wins, two seconds and two thirds - but I've also had two trips in the helicopter as well!'

As for this year's racing plans, he said:

'I'm thinking about doing a TT but I really haven't decided yet. I've been coming since 2009 so the Isle of Man feels like my second family now.'

Photo credit: Jeff Kirby