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'What does it take to be a race marshal at the Manx Grand Prix?'

The events which make up the Manx Grand Prix could not go ahead without the dedicated and hard-working team of marshals who volunteer to help make sure the racing can be run. But what is involved in marshalling at events like these?

For the Manx Grand Prix on the Mountain course, you do not need any formal training to sign on as a marshal; previous experiences may help though.

Incident Management training is offered free to all volunteers if they wish. Inexperienced marshals are never left alone and there is a minimum ‘Introduction to Marshalling’ DVD which must be viewed prior to marshalling. You also do not have to marshal at all practice and race sessions - you can attend as many or as few as you wish.

You do need to be reasonably fit, you must avoid alcohol before and during marshalling duties and you must not use your camera.

You can sign on as a marshal from the age of 16, although you will need signed parent/guardian consent if you are between 16 and 18-years-old. You can choose where on the course you marshal although once experienced, it is helpful if marshals are flexible.

Signing on as a marshal gives you the powers and privileges of a Police Constable, but only for the road closure period. You are issued with an armband, in which you need to insert your official warrant card, and a high visibility tabard which must be worn over your coat and at all times whilst you are on duty.

If you have watched a race or practice session from one location you could have been a marshal at that position
Don't just watch it, support road racing by being part of it!

Please consider joining the TT Marshals Association. The TT Marshals Association website will show you all the information you need to become part of the greatest road races in the world. Alternatively contact the TTMA office by emailing or phoning 01624 618 191.