The People’s Bike - Rising Star project continues

4 years ago

The People’s Bike team return to the Manx Grand Prix paddock this week with their supported rider Stephen ‘Trev’ Parsons.

The People’s Bike team return to the Manx Grand Prix paddock this week with their supported rider Stephen ‘Trev’ Parsons.

Making his debut in 2017 as a newcomer to the MGP, Stephen performed brilliantly and secured the 3rd place podium spot in the Newcomers A race.

The People’s Bike have long been associated with the development and nurturing of newcomers to the TT but extended this to the MGP last year as part of their “Rising Star” project. The scheme is designed to take a newcomer to the Manx GP and develop them over a 3 year period.

This project provides a rider with the infrastructure of an established team in the paddock whilst also providing support in raising funds from race fans to support with the running costs of the bike. The team do not supply the race bike - the rider would provide his own machinery> However, the funds raised by the team are designed to cover as much of the tyre and fuel bill as possible, which is generally the largest single bill when competing at this event.

In year one of the project, the team ensure their newcomer undertakes all training and begins to thoroughly learn the Mountain Course. There is no pressure to place high in the finishing rankings, but to just enjoy the experience and to learn as much as possible.

In year two that knowledge continues to be developed and the team continue to provide the structure and financial support through their fundraising to their rider.

By the end of year three it is hoped that the “Rising Star” would be suitably experienced and proficient in racing the Mountain Course to enable them to run competitively and step up to the TT.

This is seen as a rolling programme by the team and enables them to find and support the TT stars of the future. With a roll call of TT riders including Steve Mercer, Stephen Thompson, Alan Bonner, Daniel Hegarty and more recently Tom Weeden, Paul Jordan, Dave Jackson and Rhys Hardisty, this privateer team has more than shown that they have the experience and the skills to help develop riders to their full potential.

For more information call and see the team in their awning in the paddock, visit their website or contact Team Owner Mark Cubbon or Team Manager Janice Thompson for an informal chat.

The People’s Bike team are also extending an invitation for all Manx Grand Prix Marshals to attend a “Thank You” afternoon on Sunday 26th August in their race awning in the paddock, just show your Marshals warrant card at the awning to any member of the team. Tea, coffee, home made cakes and various prize draws are on offer as well as the opportunity to meet Stephen and the team.

Picture credit: Ryan Crawley (RC Photos)