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An ex-War Department BSA and a boyhood trip to the Isle of Man fired the ambitions of this year's Manx Motor Cycle Club Guest of Honour, 1968 Lightweight Race winner Frank Whiteway.For a boy who grew up on a farm in Cumbria, with parents who thought motorcycles were the devil's creation, bikes, racing and the Isle of Man were all an extremely distant prospect. But after his uncle acquired the ancient 350cc side-valve BSA in the 1950s, his imagination was fired.“I remember going

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The Manx Grand Prix's newly launched Ultra-Lightweight class is to incorporate the popular 400cc machines as well, race organisers have decided.The club expects the new race class to become increasingly popular, but in its inaugural year, the change will increase grid numbers for the new class as well as promising some exciting racing on the Mountain Course. Club chairman, Peter Maddocks said: 'We are committed to running the race this year and anticipate the numbers rising in subsequent years, however we have now incorporated